Last Few Tickets For Euro 2016 Released. Here’s How To Get Them

UEFA are about to release the last batch of tickets for Euro 2016. Here’s how you get them. 

On Wednesday 4 May UEFA will put on sale restricted view tickets for all host grounds for the Euros. Opening at 10:00 CET, restricted view tickets usually represent the last chance to get in the ground. 

Many people are put off by restricted view tickets. While they wouldn’t be my first choice, in modern stadia it’s unlikely to case you too much hassle. 

The official line is:

Restricted view tickets do allow you to follow the match; however, your view of small parts of the pitch may be hindered by a rail, a camera, an advertisement board or other temporary installations in the stadium.”

The reality is that you might not see the full height the ball is kicked by the keeper or have to lean to the side to see round a TV camera, but that’s about it. If you want to go to a game and don’t have a ticket, these are definitely worth considering. 

Ticketing for many games has been hugely over subscribed, so expect demand for these to be high, especially as they’re 25% cheaper than normal!

The ticket site will open at 10:00, but you can join the queue at 9:45 if you don’t want to miss out. You can also see what tickets are available without logging in from 9:00 CET.

One other thing to remember. UEFA is a corporate whore so is restricting payment options for fans. They’re only accepting Visa or Mastercard credit cards for payment. If you don’t have one, tough!

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