Tony Thompson’s Hilarious Post Fight Interview

Sports interviews are usually painful affairs.

Team sports are bad with football the worst. They’re so scared of saying something that might turn into a headline that they say nothing of any real use.

Luckily, not all sports are the same.

Individual sports often lead to more interesting interviews where the participants just let rip.

And fighting sports are usually the best.

Why? Because standing in a confined space with someone who wants to kill you and enjoying it takes a certain mentality. It’s a confidence in your ability and attitude that says “I’m the best and fuck everyone else”.

So when you’ve just knocked someone out, and there’s a release of emotion, funny things happen.

Like this Tony Thompson interview. It’s a few years old now, but was shared into my social feed today from the great Boxing Matters Facebook page.

I’ll be sure to tune into anything Tony Thompson does after watching this!


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