The 8 Sports Stars You Have To Follow on Social Media

1) Chris Gayle – Instagram @ChrisGayle333

On his Instagram feed, Gayle describes himself as the “World Boss” and who are we to argue. His twitter feed is great, but this takes it up a notch. See Crampy at a party, see him dressed up to party, see him shaking some serious moves, see him living the rock star life. If Ronaldo did this on Instagram, you’d call him a cock. When Gayle does it, it’s hilarious.

2) Joey Barton – Twitter @Joey7Barton

We’ve said everything that needs to be said about Joey Barton before. As honest a footballer as you’ll ever find. Jump in to his Twitter feed and hear some honest things that most players are thinking but don’t have the guts to say (well, type)

3) CT Fletcher – YouTube

CT Fletcher’s YouTube output is enough to make me sell my TV. The Superman from Compton is, quite simply, crazy. But he’s my sort of crazy. If I can’t be arsed going to the gym, I stick CT on for 5 minutes and I’m off to chuck some tin around the gym while making crazy eyes in the mirror. I’m not explaining why it’s good, I couldn’t do it justice. Just watch it. Right, I’m off to get ISYMFS tattooed on my arm.

4) Paddy Jackson

Wee Paddy has the most amazing eye brows you’ll see in professional sport. He looks like an extra from the Thunderbirds movie. Alongside his perfectly pruned brows, he’s got a talent for making videos. Not Pammy n Tommy videos, but I’m bored in the team hotel videos that a great craic (as the Irish would say). You’ll find Paddy warming the bench for Ireland this 6 Nations, probably planning his next movie.

5) Kevin Pietersen Twitter @kp24

KP isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. When he first played at Nottingham his team mates told him they’d had enough of his ways by dumping his kit off the player’s balcony. He’s currently a gun for hire after a slightly more  public falling out with the England team. On Twitter, it’s pretty much the same, but he deals with the lovers and the haters in the same way: head on. His bantering of Matt Prior, the Big Cheese as he refers to him, while he was having a shocker v India was priceless.

6) Conor Devlin – Twitter @ccmufc91

You’re probably thinking who? And that’s ok. He’s the goalie for Cliftonville in the Irish League and serious football badgers will know he was once on Man Utd’s books. Maybe it’s because he’s just outside the bright lights of the Premier League or maybe it’s because he’s just a good bloke, who knows, but his Twitter feed is gold. Not laugh out loud hilarious, just the posts of a funny bloke living his dream playing football.


And this one after he won the Irish Cup

7) Kelly Slater – Instagram @kellyslater

When you’re a good looking boy, your “work” is surfing in some of the most picturesque places on earth and you’re surrounded by beautiful people, your Instagram feed is always likely to be epic. Even if you do have a girl’s name.

8) Curtis Woodhouse – Twitter @woodhousecurtis

Woodhouse originally missed out on this list as he had retired. But as he’s coming back for one last time to raise money for Jermone Wilson, he’s in. The former British champ breezes into the list after he spent an afternoon hunting down a troll for a proper fight. Hardman @jimmyob88 posted abusive and anonymous tweets to Woodhouse after he lost the British title. When Jimmy was banging out abuse in his bedroom, he was pretty tough. But read the full thread and watch as he shits himself when Curtis tweets the photo of his street. Brilliant.


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