Australia, Remember What This Feels Like?

Hey Australia, do you remember this feeling? It’s been a while since you’ve had it and you might have forgotten what it feels like. Winning. Yeah, that’s right, you won something at the weekend!

OK, it was just a meaningless game against a team you don’t rate much, but I suppose it’s better than losing against a team you don’t rate much. Added to a few minor victories against India in the odd cricket game, a few ODI wins against England’s second team and a FIFA World Cup qualification after beating Jordan, Oman and Iraq (well done on that one!) and you might start thinking you’re on your way back.

If this winning streak continues, you might get back to the top table of world sport that Australia and start to dominate again.

Think back to 2000. You dominated the Sydney Olympics, the rugby league world knelt at your feet, were world champions at rugby union and had some decent footballers in the Premier League. If it was sport, the trophy usually ended up with a green and gold wrapper on it and everyone beat a path to Australia to find out the magic ingredients for success.

Well, I suppose you could worse than sending a few coaches and administrators north to have a look at what’s going on in the UK. Maybe see some of our Olympic programmes, check out how the rugby union team prepare (by signing all the rugby league talent in Wigan mainly), have a chat with Sir Ben Ainslie or Sir Bradley Wiggins or Sir Chris Hoy or Sir Steve Redgrave or Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson about what it takes to be winners. We don’t mind, it’s always nice to help old friends out.

Good luck with the next few weeks trying to get your hands back on the Rugby League World Cup, it might be the start of something special. Or it could just be something to boost morale before a long summer of watching England win the Ashes again… because you know Mitchell Johnson isn’t really the Saviour of Australian cricket!

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